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A few observations: Am I saying you’re not going to find that confident sassy girl from China? My guess is that they would find Americanized girls a handful.

You probably will, but you sure as hell are going to have to look harder. So to really sum things up, it’s a matter of Chinese girls these days being traditional v.s. progressive, but you cannot deny that there is a definite bias of FOB girls at one end of the spectrum and westernized girls in the other.

I love a girl you can take home to mama, but will get down in the back of a rental car. But I also have a lot of friends who grew up in the States, but have this natural affinity for FOB girls. You’re in your late-20s and looking for something fun, but potentially serious if it’s the right girl.

With the recent newfound wealth of Chinese parents, and the influx of exchange students outwards to US universities, this line of Americanized vs FOB is not only getting contrast in a more diverse China, but the starkness can be seen in the US as well (culture and reverse culture shock I guess). If you’re in Beijing you go to Vics, which has a decent mix of local girls as well as expats and exchange students alike.

Similarly, if you’re in say LA and you hit up Exchange on a Saturday night, there’s a very good mix of ABC’s and fresh immigrants from China.

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After all, this isn’t a debate, and feel free to add to my list of observations.

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