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In 1972, Lee and a fellow activist, Cliff Goodman, decided more militant tactics were needed to stop hunts from ever starting, rather than simply diverting the dogs.They revived the name of the 19th-century RSPCA youth group, and set up the Band of Mercy, which attacked hunters' vehicles by slashing tires and breaking windows.They reject the animal welfarist position that more humane treatment is needed for animals; they say their aim is empty cages, not bigger ones. They were younger, often unemployed, and more interested in than in animal liberation "per se", seeing it as part of their opposition to the state, rather than as an end in itself. 83.] ALF SG and its relationship with the BUAVIn the early 1980s, the in 1898, was a strong supporter of the ALF.Activists argue that the animals they remove from laboratories or farms are "liberated," not "stolen," because they were never rightfully owned in the first place. According to Stallwood, these new activists did not want to adhere to non-violence. "A Personal Overview of Direct Action" in Best and Nocella (eds.). Kim Stallwood was BUAV's national organizer from 1981-1986.

68.] First acts of arson In 1973, the Band of Mercy learned that Hoechst Pharmaceuticals was building a new research laboratory near , two activists set fire to the building, causing £26,000 worth of damage, and returning six days later to set fire to what was left of it.

See [ALF in Malta was founded in 1983; Mann, Keith.

"From Dusk 'til Dawn: An insider's view of the growth of the Animal Liberation Movement,", Summary of Dates, Puppy Pincher Press, 2007.] A cell might consist of just one person.

Between June and August 1974, it launched eight raids against animal-testing laboratories, and others against chicken breeders and gun shops, either damaging buildings or vehicles.

Its first act of "animal liberation" took place during the same period, when activists removed half a dozen guinea pigs from a guinea pig farm in Then as now, the use of arson caused a split within the fledgling animal liberation movement.

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