An intimidating boss

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When asked where they should focus their efforts, managers overwhelmingly say, “Bringing in the numbers”; yet, they are most often fired for poor people skills.

Talent Smart has conducted research with more than a million people, and we’ve found that 90% of top performers are skilled at managing their emotions in times of stress in order to remain calm and in control.

The Micromanager This is the boss who makes you feel as if you are under constant surveillance.

He chooses favorites and creates divisions among employees, who become frustrated by the imbalance in attention and respect.Even more troubling is the number of bad bosses out there.Gallup research found that 60% of government workers are miserable because of bad bosses. Some do so obliviously, while others smugly manipulate their employees, using them as instruments of their own success.Regardless of their methods, bad bosses cause irrevocable damage to their companies and employees by hindering performance and creating unnecessary stress.

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