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Creators of shows including Sponge Bob Square Pants, Adventure Time, and Rick and Morty have cited Ren & Stimpy as an influence.

After Nickelodeon fired the perpetually behind-schedule artist from Ren & Stimpy in 1992, he became an early proponent of art and shows made just for the internet.

In 2008, long after she last saw Kricfalusi, Byrd reconnected with an old internet friend: the artist Katie Rice.

Kricfalusi introduced them through AOL in the mid-’90s, when they were still children, telling them he’d hire them both at Spumco someday.

To that point, for nearly three decades he had relied primarily on alcohol to self-medicate.

John Kricfalusi’s effusive letter, Byrd said, seemed like the first step toward her dream. “I had built up these characters and this mythos of Ren & Stimpy in my head,” Byrd, now 37, told Buzz Feed News.

“It was exciting.”Soon, she said, she began receiving boxes of toys and art supplies from 39-year-old Kricfalusi, better known as John K.

Kricfalusi, especially after losing Ren and Stimpy, his most prized creation.

For a brief time, 25 years ago, he had a 16-year-old girlfriend.

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