Anime stats not updating

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My "Plan to watch" list is supposed to have 95 anime titles, instead of 93 (since I added 2 more anime titles, Mawaru Penguindrum and Sakamichi no Apollon).I tried removing the three animes from my list and added them back again; my stats are still unchanged.I tried to check if the ghost entry is still there but it's gone.Meaning, my anime stats is still unchanged(Though I wonder if the results appears immediately)...Something like a lag, since one entry in my watching list should be in my completed list on my anime stats, but it's not. I just noticed that they fixed it but I have now a "ghost-entry".In my anime stats, it displays that I have 228 total entries but, as I count the number of entries on my anime list, I only have 227 total entries.

Although I did update my manga list (that I finished long ago) after I updated my anime list a while ago(with the anime stats not getting updated), and the manga stats DID get updated just fine though. I don't know if this is because of the lag but they are not changing for almost two days already.

EDIT: I noticed that in my anime stats, it displays I have 18 entries on my PTW but I only have 17 entries on my PTW list.

:|We don't "fix" your stats manually and the lag that affects other areas of the site (forum posts, etc.) does not really affect your stats.

It does still work in Chrome, although you have to be careful to add the 'javascript:' back in at the front since Chrome removes it (for security reasons) when you paste. I didn't notice it really removes that 'javascript:'.

Anyway, it worked but in my anime stats, it still display 18 entries on my PTW.

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