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Shading is due to lighting, not representative of the quilt. Please view the detail photos (click images above) for closeup views.

Q9053 Victorian Wool Challis Crazy Quilt with over 100 original flora and fauna oil paintings c.

The embroidery embellishment surrounding the piece is also beautiful.

However, the oil paintings superceed the beauty of everything else.

Click on the pictures below to see more views of my 18th & 19th Century Antique Quilts.

Please look at the close-up photos to see some of the amazing paintings.

Graphically wonderful and perfectly executed, this unusual quilt has a folksy feel to it even though executed by a premier sewer and quilter.

An amazing piece of art for any collector or designer. This uniquely designed quilt contains hundreds of blocks each on point and measuring apx 5-1/2”square.

The optical illusion is revealed by the juxtaposition of the fabrics in the Rob Peter to Pay Paul design.

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