Are zac and vanessa dating now

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The talented 29-year-old hunk is a natural in front of the camera and is one of the most sought-after actors today.With a string of blockbuster films under his belt, Efron seems to have it all: good looks, oodles of talent and a loyal fan following. Growing up in the spotlight has meant that Efron’s personal life has always been under intense scrutiny.They reportedly began dating a year later and reprised their roles in two sequels, including a third one that was screened in theaters. News that Efron and Hudgens had split, but remain friends."It's nothing dramatic," one source said at the time.During Efron and Hudgens' time together as a couple, they often vacationed together and attended many red carpet events, including the most prestigious one of all; the Oscars, in 2009. "There's no third party involved.""They were together for so long," a second insider said.And seven years ago, they called it quits after dating for about four years, shattering our hearts forever.The two met in 2005 on the set of the Disney Channel movie , which saw them play couple Troy and Gabriella and made them stars.

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All I know is that Monique is dating corbin and zac's dating vanessa. But for right now Vanessa Hudgens is dating Austin Butler. Zac Eftron and Vanessa Hudgens are just really good friends now. So,she may be dating Austin Butler but her and ex Zac Eftron are still awesome friends!!

Shippers of the Efron-Hudgens coupling (lingo for “fans of the relationship”) have remained all over the internet since the split, especially because no real reason has ever been given for the cataclysmic schism.

Although the reason for Zac and Vanessa’s mutual departure has not been revealed, a source tells Zac is now experiencing remorse, it seems.

"It just ran its course." magazine, "Long-distance relationships are hard no matter what.

When you don't have face-to-face time, it's just different.

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