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I also found that it didn’t make much of a difference with most girls on the site.I only experienced one case of a girl demanding that I show her my location using a gps tracker immediately upon talking with her.These are the girls that are most ripe for getting out on dates on here.In addition, it also keeps tabs on your activity history as well.On this screen you will be shown all of the members that are currently online, or recently online.Its one of the first places you should go when looking for a girl to chat with, as your chances of getting a response rate is much higher here.At the top of the screen is your navigation bar that consists of the number of members online (denoted as a number), your matches, search, messages, and activity.

I personally did not do this, because I don’t want private companies having a hold of my personal information.This screen will look very similar to the matches screen where all of the girls photos will be on display. See a girl that you find cute, then respond back to her and try to get her out on a date.This is where all the action takes place and you can communicate with girls here. Do keep in mind that messages longer than 2 months will be deleted by Asian Dating, so make sure you grab their digits before your message history with them is gone.But I attribute that to her being nuts more than anything.Upload an ID card if you feel that it will improve your chances of getting a date, but it’s really not that necessary if your sensitive about sharing this data online. This makes it easier for girls to search for you when they type in a certain keyword.

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