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Since 1998, we are the spearhead for the worldwide implementation of ‘the last human right’ – To live with dignity – To die with dignity is a not-for-profit member society and its articles of association make provision for reduction or even complete exemption from having to pay fees for members in modest economic circumstances.

However, there are significant other costs, emotional distress and more which people in the UK (and in other countries that still prohibit freedom of choice at life’s end) have to bear.

For example, they make believe that a mentally and physically healthy person could pay money and then get 'euthanasia' in a 'clinic' in Switzerland. In Switzerland, voluntary euthanasia is prohibited and a personal ending of suffering by accompanied suicide generally takes place at the own flat/house of the person - the way it should be around the world.

Access to assisted dying in Switzerland is not a matter of money, but of paperwork, patience, determination and responsibility, of a competent adult.

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On the other hand, the addition of the hyphen is not distinctive and confers nothing to distinguish the disputed domain names from the mark.Don’t buy and don’t believe such 'news', mainly spread by the tabloids. There is only one reliable source of information from and about DIGNITAS - To live with dignity - To die with dignity: this website There has been news about a study about people from abroad going to Switzerland for assisted dying, published in the British Medical Journal of Ethics.All that these 'news' companies intend is to increase their profit by selling more of their print / TV / online products and gain lucrative advertisement contracts. for a newspaper, not having to act on its descriptions and reports,but only to sell them to idly curious people, has nothing but honor to loseby inaccuracy and unveracity . The five Swiss charities working for the human right to a self-determined end of suffering and life have analysed this d “study”: it is full of errors and can hardly be called “scientific”.Extensive research has been done on the true costs and consequences, and a report published: Development in Portugal Civic Movement «Direito A Morrer Com Dignidade» campaigns for freedomof choice in assisted dying.The political party «Bloco de Esquerda» intents to debate the question and legislate about it There has been news on a study about people from abroad going to Switzerland for assisted dying, published in the British Journal of Medical Ethics.

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