Bible verse for dating

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They have the subconscious belief that because they have “won” they do not need to continue trying as hard for their significant other.This can lead to problems when they claim they will do something and then forget to do it.No one likes to think of themselves as dishonest or unreliable.Yet, some people end up becoming total flakes once they are in an established relationship.Even if you both had all the money in the world, at some point it would not be enough.So, start finding solutions instead of picking fights.Listening is probably the single most important skill anyone in a serious relationship can possess.

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Do what needs to be done, and do not dwell on what you are giving up. On the flip side, if you and your significant other have enough money to live comfortably but want more, remember this verse for a different reason.

If you have been refusing to listen or you have been quick to lash out, it is unsurprising that you are having problems in your relationship.

A lack of communication is the number one reason couples break up, and the problems are more often due to a refusal to listen than a refusal to speak.

You and your significant other cannot seem to stop fighting, even if neither of you can figure out why you are both so short tempered all of the sudden.

When the cause of the trouble in your relationship is difficult to place, the Bible might be able to help you figure out where things have gone wrong and how to fix them.

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