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Most of the information is familiar to long-time DPRK watchers, though there were a few nuggets of information I had not heard before. Around 2,000 western tourists visited last year, plus perhaps 10 times as many Chinese visitors.I have posted these below: But who knew that The Da Vinci Code was a hit in this strictly controlled city? Or that the mass performances are not only a tribute to the leadership and motherland, but the way that many young people find partners? The expatriate population, excluding Chinese and Russian diplomats, and including children, stands at 150. There are certainly signs of change here: Air Koryo has new planes and three gleaming airport buses to ferry passengers from runway to terminal.

And an increasing number of women are choosing younger men so that they can have more control in the relationship.” One female North Korean defector in her 30s said, “Even if the authorities tell people not to, men are living with women who are five or six years older, because these women have experience making ends meet.” The number of divorces initiated by women is on the rise as well.Of course the claim is impossible to determine with any precision since such comprehensive time-series data is not available from the DPRK.We do not even have good data on prostitution arrests, which would certainly understate the actual size of the industry.For men, their emasculation within their own households is now a fact of life. The piece appears to show both the state’s desire to restrain consumption but also to reassert ‘socialist’ attitudes and encourage nationalist attitudes, thus pushing back against the impact of foreign ideas coming in via overseas media, South Korean dramas and so on.“Whatever your wife tells you to do, you do,” says Mr. ‘Socialist Cultural Life’ is distributed monthly to all official organs and enterprises.

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