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In real life, he’s the married father of a nearly 7-year-old son named Sophocles.

He is not overly physical, but is overall awareness in all 3 zones is coveted."Jim's artistic outlook has been inspirational in our collective careers here at Weta," Taylor told the Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency, a backer of the event. Tolkien films, and his father, Peter Mc Kenzie, played a human, Elendil.After Feebles, Weta soon got so big it could scare a weta bug. “I grew up watching the Muppets, like everybody else,” says Mc Kenzie, “and it’s exciting to be able to do something in my hometown.” And now that current Kiwi kids have had a monthlong eyeful and earful of Muppets, plus workshop insights from Henson veterans like Miss Piggy creator Bonnie Erickson, 76, and homegrown Weta wizards, Mc Kenzie says, “I’m sure there’s going to be a whole new generation of creative kids from New Zealand making puppets and money.” On his first visit Down Under, onstage at the Henson Retrospectacle, Kermit told Mc Kenzie, “We love New Zealand. And that’s important to me.” But Ernie complained that he couldn’t get Bert to participate in the news conference.The remainder of the group’s concert dates, planned for the U. and Ireland, have been postponed after Mc Kenzie fell down a flight of stairs and broke two bones in his left hand.The band announced the news in a post to Instagram.

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