Cacti graphs stopped updating

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The final step to automating this process is to define the series and axis in our graph with the named ranges that we just completed. The problem that you can run into is that Excel will redefine the axis values if one of your series has a different shape.

This won’t happen if you define the axis value last, but will happen if you define it before completing all the series values.

The result is that you can extract all of the spend value from a table that meets your criteria for engine, or any other values. You define one metric that you want to add (the first parameter) and then define subsequent criteria ranges and values that will define filter ranges and values that you want to include in your summation.

So we’ll take advantage of the offset and count formulas to create a named range that is automatically the same length as our table is complete.

Count: This formula simply counts the number of cells within a range that contain numbers.

There are many variations of this formula in Excel.

Right-clicking on a chart allows you to redefine the data that powers the chart.

You can also define individual series, and the axis, by editing them manually after right-clicking on the chart and clicking on Select Data.

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