Carbon dating hoax

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In fact, the standing stones were periodically buried, with new stones built on top of or alongside the old ones.Nobody knows who or why they put the stone circles together and nobody knows who or why they were buried more than a millennium later.

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What Schmidt has found is a collection of standing stones arranged in circles.Some claim that aliens quarried, moved, and carved these stones.What methods were used to quarry, move, and carve the stones?He has examined more than 100,000 bone fragments from Göbekli Tepe. Most of the bones have been gazelle bones, but he's also identified boar, sheep, red deer, vultures, cranes, ducks, and geese. He thinks Göbekli Tepe was abandoned because the people “did not need it anymore.Now they are farmers and they find new expressions of their religious beliefs.” Yes, and maybe the aliens had a thing about erections and nasty animals.

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