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In fact, the two of us have just described "searching for jobs" vs "networking for jobs."My point though was not so much to do those things to find a partner, but to get out and do things.

Even back in 2009, for heterosexual couples "through friends" was 30% and falling, with "at a bar/restaurant" and "online" taking up most of the rest and other options including college/coworkers all in steep decline.One of the problems with Tinder is its nebulous ethos. It seems to pretend that it's both without committing to either one, which muddies the water and I don't think that works terribly well.Tinder is brilliant in that it focuses entirely on vanity, ego, and lust, far more so than any of its predecessors.Nothing beats it.."The problem I have with meeting people from "real life" is that they're mostly random people that I usually have little to nothing in common with.At least on some dating sites I can list my interests, and the people who reply can self-select to have some or even many of these things in common with me. Start spending time at Renaissance Faires - or learn to make them and build a community around yourself. Go biking, then go grab coffee or drinks with some other people doing the same.

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