Counter offer dating

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Well most men do not bother to unlock the date after they make bids yet that's allowable?? I refuse to be pressured into dating every guy that makes a bid. Don't know which one I like more, my advice try both and make up your mind. Has the power to utilize fake profiles and extort his customers I have been using WYP occasionally for over three years. I treat them with respect and allow them to decide what, when and where and they usually surprise me with their responses. They pretend to be separate companies but both are dishonest.Some of these guys are morons or creeps..talking about lewd stuff right off the bat. What I like about Whatsyourprice is that there are really a lot of members. Good points Whats Your Price is trustworthy (it wouldnt still be going years later if it was a scam). Bad points lesser known sites like Hookup Hangout outperform it when it comes to the number of chicks on the site and general usage of the site. It's a perverted China man stealing everybodies money. Pretty women are lured in by the idea of getting money for dates.Counter claims that the women are prostitutes is similarly weird.These are actual women (many college age) actually eager to go out with you, and yes, in exchange for some amount of money.

They are a very unprofessional company that is taking advantage of both women and men pretending to setup dates when they are really advocating prostitution. In contradiction to some of the other reviewers here (some of which appear to be made up, frankly, as they offer bizarre claims), my experience with the site has been uniformly excellent. She is easy and a nympho that runs through 3 guys a week. I made an account so I can snap a pic for my upcoming custody case.In summary, I highly recommend the site, assuming you understand the purpose of the site. My max first date offer is in my profile at 0 which I do not negotiate. If they state they want to be spoiled, go to a fancy restaurant, have things bought for them STAY AWAY!I got booted as an attractive women cuz they said they had multiple complaints about me not following through on dates. If the ' Beautiful ' member suggest higher I do not counter, I cancel my offer and move on. If They accept and chat for a while they are usually real' If their pics look like a studio they are probably fake. I have met & more with some very beautiful young women who are willing to have an arrangement. The site is owned by seeking arrangements and the customer service is run by the same company.

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