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The second, the Old Quarry Golf Course at Santa Barbara Plantation Resort was designed by Pete Dye and overlooks the sea.

At the Curacao Sea Aquarium (which offers four tours a day and a feeding show), all species of marine life native to Curacao's waters are on display in natural seawater: 20-foot sharks, turtles as big as manhole covers, giant moray eels and more.

Gaming Curacao has been a leading provider of a comprehensive range of services to the online gaming industry, with a history dating back to 1998.

As a Master Licence holder issued by the Government of Curacao, we are able to issue qualified e Gaming operators with an online gaming license, allowing them to legally conduct their e Gaming activities from within the Island Territory of Curacao.

Our clients can benefit from our advice in relation to the appropriate structuring of their corporate entities, ensuring maximum tax and compliance efficiencies.

Once your corporate entities are set up, we can provide all the ongoing professional support needed to keep them in good standing.

There are remedies for matters of the heart, including love potions, and of the head, like elixirs for curing baldness.

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This success has been due to a combination of factors, such as a progressive legislative system, political stability, first rate telecommunications facilities and a well established financial services p.m.; closed on Sundays) Another option for history buffs is the Maritime Museum which documents the island's rich naval history with a "floating market" of colorful ships from nearby islands just across the canal. to 4 p.m., during the cruise ship season) The Hato Caves site boasts limestone formations, waterfalls and other natural wonders.Take a guided tour of this underground world to hear tales of Curacao's legends and check out the iguanas and bats.Some of the creatures are held in "touch tanks," so visitors can get to know them up close.One of the highlights for us was the trained sea lions that wave to the crowd and follow their trainers.

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