Dating a man in the air force

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Be sure you are getting the most current information when you are doing your research. Air Force Ranks Terms you should know TIS: Time in Service, total amount of time in the Air Force.

Determined from Service date (the day you shipped to basic training) to month leading up to testing cycle.

The lowest score of those selected is the “cut off score.” So, if your AFSC needs 100 SSgt’s, then the top 100 individuals with the highest score get selected.

This means that the cut off score varies from year to year based on how well people test and the total number of promotions that year.

HYT: High Year of Tenure, the highest amount of TIS you can have for a given rank How it works and eligibility Amn (E-2) To be eligible, you will need at least 6 months TIG. Some individuals might qualify for E-2 if you have college, JROTC, or other type experience. A1C (E-3) You’ll need at least 10 months TIG OR individuals initially enlisting for a period of 6 years are promoted after completion of either technical training or 20 weeks of technical training (start date of the 20 week period is the date you completed BMT), whichever occurs first.

Sr A (E-4) You’ll need 36 months TIS and 20 months TIG OR just 28 months TIG (whichever occurs first). The cool thing about Sr A is that the Air Force has a Below-The-Zone (BTZ) promotion program.

You’ll compete with other Airman who are eligible on your base and usually entails a written package, and in some circumstances going before a selection board. SSgt and TSgt (E-5 and E-6) SSgt: 6 months TIG, 3 years TIS, and your 5 Skill Level.Time in Grade (TIG) – 40 Points You’ll be awarded .3334 of a point for each month of TIG up to 10 years.Time in Service (TIS) – 26 Points You’ll be awarded .108334 of a point for each month of Total Active Federal Military Service (TAFMS), up to 20 years.It is WAY more complicated than just these things but just know that a lot of thought goes into it and out comes a total number of promotions needed.The Air Force Personnel Center then takes that number of individuals with the highest score.

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