Dating gospel of mark

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He had no apologetic motive for assigning the early date.

The manuscript, Wallace claimed, was to be published later that year in a book from Brill, an academic publisher that has since begun publishing items in the Museum of the Bible collection.

On the basis of the handwriting, Obbink and Colomo estimate that the manuscript was written in the range of A. The text does not present any surprising readings for a manuscript of its age, and the codex format is also what we would expect.

Even though it is not quite so early as many hoped, P137 is still a significant find.

When pressed for more information, Wallace refrained from saying anything new.

He later signed a non-disclosure agreement and was bound to silence until the Mark fragment was published.

P138 overlaps with two roughly contemporary manuscripts of Luke, which allows us better opportunity to assess the early transmission of Luke’s gospel.

There are about 5,300 Greek manuscripts of the New Testament of various sizes and dates.Not all books of the New Testament are equally well-represented in our manuscripts, especially early on.There are several early papyri of Matthew and John, but before this new fragment was published, there was only one existing copy of Mark’s gospel produced before the 300s.Six years came and went, and there was no “first-century Mark” fragment. On stage at a conference in 2015, Scott Carroll told Josh Mc Dowell that the manuscript had been for sale at least twice, after the first attempt was unsuccessful.It was difficult to know who had even seen the manuscript.

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