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Final Fantasy 7 Copyright 1997, 1998 Square Co., Ltd.

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"All right" -- "Not interested" ( 2 Yuffie) "Petrified..." ( 2 Yuffie) "You're gonna lose again" -- "Go ahead" -- "Wait a second!

" ( 2 Yuffie) "That's right" ( 2 Yuffie) "You kiddin'? " -- "Let's hurry" ( 2 Yuffie) The Cargo Ship -------------- On the Cargo Ship, if Yuffie asks you for Tranquilizers: "Here, use this" ( 4 Yuffie) "Nope" (-2 Yuffie) If you don't have any Tranquilizers, then it's simply: (-2 Yuffie) When Aeris asks you about the Airship: "I'll take you someday" ( 2 Aeris) "I dunno..." (-2 Aeris) When Tifa asks you about war: "Yeah..." ( 2 Tifa) "I don't know" (-2 Tifa) Costa Del Sol ------------- I was *very* disappointed with Costa Del Sol; there are a lot of dialogue options that you could choose, but none of them alter Affection values at all, not even the ones that seem to *really* annoy the girls.

It took a few days of replaying various scenes over and over, but the original guide was finished shortly after, and was submitted to Game FAQs.

And since then, it has continued to be one of my most popular guides.

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So in early 1999, after a discussion on Usenet, I ran some memory editing software and started researching it on the PC version.

And no, it doesn't even matter who is in your party at the time. Gold Saucer ----------- When you first enter the Gold Saucer, you will have the option of talking to members of your party and asking them to accompany you: Talking to Aeris: Go together ( 3 Aeris) Don't go together (-2 Aeris) Talking to Tifa: Go together ( 3 Tifa) Don't go together (-2 Tifa) Talking to Yuffie: Go together ( 3 Yuffie) Don't go together (-2 Yuffie) Talking to Red XIII: Go together -- Don't go together -- Only the first of the above Affection changes may be made: if you decline Aeris first, you'll get -2 Aeris, but you will be unable to get a 3 Tifa as well, for example.

You can decline Red XIII for no effect and still get an Affection change by talking to one of the others.

When you reach the date, whoever has the highest Affection value will be the one chosen for the cutscene.

If, however, there is a tie for the highest, then the priorities are thus: Aeris, then Tifa, then Yuffie, and finally Barret.

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