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So there’s not as much pressure to keep up with your waxing and put on as much makeup when you’re around each other.By this stage, the relationship should be driven by care and attachment rather than looks and attraction.When a relationship is new and fresh, people can be so overcome by their strong feelings for this new person that they don’t notice their flaws.As the next stage of the relationship comes along, you’ll see more clearly why the person you’re with isn’t perfect.After all, nobody wants to seem too available to someone they’re still trying to impress.But once you’ve impressed them and you reach a certain point, you won’t care about appearing hard to get.

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Keep an eye out for these 25 signs the honeymoon is officially over.

In this period, we’re still unsure of ourselves and whether we’re being accepted so we try to appear more likable.

Then the next phase comes along and you let them see the real you.

What’s often called the honeymoon phase of a relationship refers to the early days when two people are starry-eyed for each other.

During this time, their feelings for each other are so strong that they might be blinded to each other’s flaws and might still be putting up a charade to make sure they win the approval of their beloved rather than being their true selves.

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