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As happens in any forward-looking society, cultural norms in Nigeria have changed over the years. Some are incorporated into modern life, others are abandoned.

For example, the protocols surrounding the formal introduction of the prospective groom to the bride's parents have given away to a more relaxed approach.

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While many Yoruba brides wear their Yoruba traditions are largely based on mutual respect.

In a ritual still practiced at many weddings, the groom demonstrates his high regard for his bride's family by prostrating himself before them.

Although it's not mandatory for guests to take part in the "spraying" of bills, it does add to the fun.

The bridesmaids retrieve the cash for safekeeping, and the entire assembly then takes to the dance floor.

In the case of weddings, this has meant huge, extravagant parties lasting till the wee hours, with open invitations and over-the-top decor.

Ijaw custom calls for the bride to maintain a stoic, unsmiling demeanor – at least until the groom offers her a gift of money. When newlyweds step onto the dance floor for the first time, tradition calls for guests to throw cash at the bride.

This is a longstanding, wide-spread Nigerian wedding custom and continues to be very popular with bridal couples.

To see who wins, you must watch the movie; it's widely available on streaming services.

It might also help prepare you for the real thing, should you be fortunate enough to include a Nigerian wedding in your travel itinerary.

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