Dating patterns statistics and teen problems

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IAN research shows that children with ASD are bullied at a much higher rate than their unaffected siblings, and that bullying spikes from fifth to eighth grades for them.

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You need to think about how many meals you need to make and how much money you have in the bank.If that's the case, she said, "Give him a plastic cup to pour water on his head, so he has control over the flow of water." Even with good hygiene, adolescence can be a time of frustration or uncertainty for almost anyone.The social world – with its cliques and pecking order – becomes decidedly more complex during high school."In kids with autism spectrum disorder, cognitive flexibility is the standout problem for them and seems to remain a problem as they get older," Dr. Meanwhile, the demands on teens increase dramatically.By high school, students are expected to change classes hourly, keep track of books and assignments for each class, follow complex directions, complete multi-phase projects, and turn in homework on time. D., a clinical psychologist at the Kennedy Krieger Institute, said schools and parents can help teens who struggle with planning, organization and other executive skills.

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