Dating websites with skinny women

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(The site's "Latest Members" section conveniently shows 20 men and 20 women, but no sign-up dates and so tells you precisely nothing.)If I believed for a minute that joining would put me on the supply side of supply/demand, I'd jump on it - it'd be nice to know that my messages aren't getting replies because of me/my profile, rather than wondering if they just got lost in the flood.I'd love to know why there are SO many more men than women looking for partners when for age groups below 60 it should be roughly 50/50, but that's a whole other discussion.14% of men are over 6', and 43% of women are over 5'5". Then again, like any dating site, it's a 'female buyer' market, and it just needs to cater to them (and not exclude 80% of them from the get-go).I would go as far as saying that porn for most guys is like having a second girlfriend.She doesn’t care how hung or buff you are, she is always there whenever you need her and in those times when a real woman is hard to find….. With all that being said, is it any wonder why guys tend to think that chicks in real life with “banging bodies” are hot? Sex Guys don’t like to see arm fat and belly fat and insane amounts of leg fat on a girl they are having sex with.Here are just a few reasons for you take into consideration. show and you will see nothing but size 2 and under women.This post is not intended to make anyone feel bad, but rather shed some light on some of the (stupid? Hollywood and the media perpetuate skinny women as being “hot”. Women that were “pleasantly plump” (even downright obese) were seen as beautiful because their size suggested that they would be good child bearers and mothers.

What makes guys jump to attention and break their necks when a skinny hot chick walks into the room?Tall women are hard to find so if they actually made it just tall women they would be offering something exclusive.Actually tall women will just get lost in the hordes of 5'5" (with heels, really 5'2") looking for a tall guy. So being 5'10 as a woman is the equivilent of being 6'3 as a guy?Let's be honest here, this is a method of keeping as many female accounts as possible to match a restricted pool of men.Nobody wants to make a dating app that reduces potential women but chopping down the pool of men is just fine. Even with the site only allowing 14% of men and 43% of women, I still imagine it'd be 10 guys to every 1 girl in terms of real users.

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