Dating westclox big ben

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Many of the parts on Big Bens and Baby Bens were interchangeable for many years, but there were just enough modifications in the design to cause confusion.

As a result, they needed to help clockmakers identify the parts they need by the use of catalogs and a part number.For more exact dating, look on the movement - a date will be found on almost any Big Ben or Baby Ben made up until mid-1970's.The Big and Baby Bens up through style 9 were made in USA (and some some other countries). Additional case styles that have names but not numbers are illustrated below the numbered styles.We have written a "Westclox Big Ben and Baby Ben Identification Guide" that goes into detail about their history and identification. To identify a Big Ben or Baby Ben alarm clock, find out which of the case styles it matches.George Kern designed the style 1 Big Ben movement and case.

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