Dunhill shell dating

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Consequently, much confusion has arisen over the dating code because it has not been standardized over the years, and seemingly minor differences in the code can mean a difference of years, even decades, in the manufacture of the pipe. (Pipedia Sysop note: Other sources indicate the Redbark was introduced in 1972 See example). Unfortunately, John passed away several years ago, and his website has recently disappeared.Adding to this is the fact that the firm has used a great many special stampings depending on what part of the world to which their pipes were destined, and that sometimes these stampings or codes were used for only three or four months duration. Fortunately, the following article was saved by Doug Valitchka, who has made it available here on Pipedia.Look for a serial number on the bottom of your Rollagas lighter.If the number is there, the lighter was made in the 1970s or later.Contact Dunhill customer service via email ([email protected]), attaching the digital photographs of your lighter and its serial number.A representative will investigate the manufacture date of your lighter and get back to you. Some examples are: 5861/12 (English); 1343253/20 (U. 1971-75 As above, but with a double digit suffix number (sometimes underlined). "own design" - Denotes a pipe designed by the customer and carved to order. NOTE: For the years 1925-34 other patent numbers were sometimes used in place of 116989/17.

Much of the spacing in this presentation is not as intended. NOTE: For the years 1925-34 other patent numbers were sometimes used in place of 119708/17 & 116989/17. Shape numbers during this period had either 3, 4, or 5 digits.The nomenclature is as crisp as the day it was stamped so it was not buffed away.Is there any way to date this pipe with any certainty?What follows is a "general guide" as to dating; with it the reader should be able to date the majority of Dunhill pipes with which he/she comes into contact. Bruyere -introduced in 1910; signified by an "A" (meaning' best quality) on the side of the shank through 1975. "dead root" - Denotes Dunhill straight grain pipes. S.) 1976-77: During this period the group number and finish code were dropped and the old shape numbers were dropped in favor of a new system. It had been widely report that The Redbark is introduced in 1973, but we have examples that date to 1972 as seen bellow.

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