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Lysacek is hoping be the first mainstream male figure-skating star since Hamilton.

His grandmother, who dreamed of joining the Ice Capades in her youth, gave both him and his sister skates for Christmas when he was 8 years old. Ultimately, she recalls, he liked the sport because of “the tricks, the speed, and the fact that you could leave the ground on your skates and then land.” Lysacek is probably best known for what happened at the Turin Olympics.“It’s all, ‘Change your direction, change your edge, change this, change that, jump, jump, jump,’ ” he says. For me, Evan comes off as cold.” As we make our way to the premiere, he tells me he’s sneaking out early to see Lady Gaga at Radio City, as a guest of the singer.“So we’ve run out of time to create a story with your routine, and for me, that’s what I love about figure skating, that I used to get to create this magical world for people to fall into.” He’s critical of Lysacek’s success at the new system. That last minute of the program he brings people to their feet because he’s flailing his arms around, running and spinning fast and doing things that are exciting. As for Vancouver, “I’ve been the underdog all season, and then this Olympics, I can just go and unleash all my diva power.” But the real gold comes after the Olympics. Olympic champions Hayes Jenkins, David Jenkins and Dorothy Hamill at various stages of their careers. Even with the fall, his performance was good enough to take second place overall, behind Jeremy Abbott (who skated flawlessly, successfully landing a quad) and ahead of his more flamboyant nemesis, Johnny Weir, who downgraded the difficulty of one jump and stepped out of another in the midst of performing.

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