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Any time you run into an Exchange Global Address List issue, the first place to investigate is the application event logs on the Exchange server that is generating your offline address book (OAB).There are too many event IDs to reference here, but most that are OAB generation-related should be resolved if you updated your Exchange server with the latest service pack and rollup.A failed content index will impact Outlook on the web (OWA) users trying to search their mailbox contents, and can also cause database switchover and failover problems for you.

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Due to this, Outlook can download all the items from Exchange Server again.Similarly, if your organization uses public folders, make sure that mailbox servers at each site are listed in the replication tab within public folder properties.They should be inherited by any child folders of the OAB public folder by default, but it's not always the case. Remember, the slower your links are between the sites, the slower replication will be between servers.For the first time, all folders were synced just fine.But, then I saw when I write new emails, these newly sent emails do not appear in the Sent folder in Outlook 2011.

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