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Sextortion can also involve such images but can also result from hidden cameras, hacking or other surreptitious means of obtaining the images.What do I do if someone’s sharing nude photos of me? If the issue is aggravated sexting, when only adults are involved (people 18 in the US), there are laws that can support your case, including sexual harassment, stalking, wiretapping, and extortion-related statutes.There’s a broad range of motivations behind sexting – from digital flirting or attention-seeking to dating abuse or blackmail. When someone uses pressure or coercion to get nude or sexually explicit photos from another person.Young people need to see that pressure for what it is – that it’s inherently disrespectful and abusive, that they owe themselves the self-respect that prevents this victimization, and that there are laws against it in many jurisdictions.If you’re under age 18, child sexual exploitation and child pornography law can also come into play.

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These can be found all over the US and in many other countries.C., area – 1-800-TRY-NOVA/800-879-6682 or go to try ] * Contacting a legal aid society or organization near you for free advice.You can do a web search for “legal aid” or “legal assistance” in your town or city. If you have a case and after getting legal advice about gathering evidence and making sure there’s enough evidence for a case, requesting that any photos in a web site be taken down – through the site’s abuse-reporting system.But, there might actually be some advantages to an LDR."It forces you to communicate and get to know each other on a different level," says Lisa Vallejos, Ph D, a professional counselor in Colorado."The only connection you have is by communication, so it can foster a deeper sense of intimacy." Couples who live near each other might have a tendency to take their short distance for granted, she says, and can let intimacy and excitement fall by the wayside.

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