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Times may print weekly abroad BY ALAN PINE, LABOUR CORRESPONDENT times NEWSPAPERS yester- day .announced a plan to print a weekly edition of The Times overseas to serve tiie paper’s international readership. William Rees-Mogg Times editor, said the idea of a weekly inteniationa] edition had been under consideration for some time. to quit South Africa foilnwing Prime Uinis Cer Pieter Botha’s televised charge that the U. Embas.teato1dof' £l00j X)0 are exempt from Cepltal fenefitr '&X. David Carter told the Royal Society of Arts, in London. Carter, a former president of the Society of Industrial Artists and chairman and director of DCA Associates, was speaking at the opening of an mchibition of the winning and commended designs in the 1978-79 Royal Society of Arts Design Bursaries Competition. Botterill, twice British cham- pion, failed to realise that he would lose a piece in the tactical melee of the opening. The edition would he written by Times journalists on a volun- tary basis and printed under contract in Europe. He expected the weekly would be continued even after the daily nroes resumed publi- cation in London. although unscheduled, round- irip f Ughts between an air base in Florida and Johanocsburg, stopping at sewral satellite tracking stations along the way. Registered in eccordencs witfr the Natkuial Assistance Ad 194a EUROBONDS The . Eighty-four studig^s from colleges throughbur^ the UK have been awarded bursaries totalling £39,350 In this year's competiiior L Mr. at the exhibition; and said students should be " snapped up " before they -went abroad to work. Final scores were Miles 21 out of 3, Pritchett li, Botterill and Henrj' 1. 3.5; FRANCE Fr 3* CEJIWAMY DM 2.0; ITALY t 600; KCTHERUKOS H LO: NORWAY Kr 3.8; PORTUGAL &e 25; SPAji fta SO; SWt DW Kt SWn ZSUAND Fr ZJk EIRE 30p NEWS SUMMARY ;■ '.•% r- . Production 'Of tlie Id aii craft cost Britain £S52in. and 6,000 TEfugeea from Cambodia lave sought refiige in. _ ; Celibi^che’s ^eclal.gzft, which is' Simply to make an or^est^ play^far better — and. tbemr selva better^^an they do in hoimal MUise of events, came into, its Chinese ■ Vice-Premier Deng Xiaoping’s oiler to help the U. ' monitor Soviet compliance with tte - proposed SALT nuclear arms treaty has' niet -with .^ptieism 'in . Washington^ v^ere new- efforts are being made to have the details of the treaty finalised- by next week, uadt Page- Militia threat Right-wing Christian militias in- tile newly proclaimed " Free Lebanon" enclave have threatmied to renew bombard- meitts of . The last Concorde built at ■- FUt OD, Bristol, bad its maiden, flight. Weight problem Defiant Muriel Hopkins, of Tipton, near Dudley, is refusing to go to hospital — in spite of being so overweight at 52 stone that doctors say she must have immediate treatmen L " They will only stop me smoking and starve me to death," she said.. Egypt’s President Sadat received a 99.95 ptf cent “ yes " vote in a referendum on the peace treaty with Israel. escaped unhurt when their Fll fighters crashed into the sea after a collision over north-east Scot- land. S, the poond’s trade-H'elghted index easing to 67.9 (67A). Back Page; detidls Pages 6 and 7 • DUNLOP IS prepared to use fa^opters.

W'hat they were offering was a recipe for continuing /n/Iatio R w'hich, by lnere*! “ roiilri make millions of people worse off." and hit those who could afford it least. generally cunsidered une of Labour's best tcicrision performers, made the point in a party political broadcast last ni^t. Charles Donaldson, Conservative candidate for Orkney and Shetland, after public protests against the plan. The annual subscription is £5, and the Secretary's address is 251 Pope's Lane, London W5. AY’S two hands from rubber brid;^^ both contracts were los L Let us study the declarer's play in this hand sud see whether he could have done better: N. ^ 10 8 752 4A4 9 A3 ' ^ KJ954 0 J 10 7 3 O S 2 «85 AJ643 S. Tbe major suit holdings are shaky, but if South bids one club, the subse- quent bidding is more difficult As it was, North bad no hesita- tion in raising to three no tru.'ups. With the heart ten on the table, it is evident that East’s Knave is the standanl defence from a suit headed by K J 9 (or A J 9). West with just Ace and another, so that, if the Queen is withheld, the suit w U! At this stage he loiows that West has only two clubs, so he leads the ten— an essential unblock— to the Ace in hand, returns to the Queen on the table and finesses the nine in his own hand to score the game. West did not need the club Am for his opening bid, but East did need it for his one spade respoisc. and the Isles of Man, Anglesey, and Wight, are taking part, with two groups of three and a final scheduled for this summer. Solurtoas Page 22 FOR SALE STAMPS EOR THE COUJECTOR-m VESTOR NOVA SCOTIA 1S5t7 Pwiny S.

While BCTs exist- ing business will be continued Midland plans a progressive hrondening of its activities. He was addressing the chamber's annual meeting only a day after the closure of Dunlop's Speke factory and the loss of another 2,400 jobs in the area. There should be one centralised agency to organise and co- ordinate industrial development, he said. dio Ko Of metallle red or metallic blue, air cond.. TTie winner’s prize was £230 and a large silver cup, while the bottom marker received £^.

Midland said last nisht that Ihe acquisition of BCT will mark a significant evolution its representation in France. the British : Gevermiriit • of' ' Concorde deveiopfflent'^prodsffidh "vas . Industry ‘should pay young designers more’ HNANa AL TIMES REPORTER INDUSTRY in tt A UK should be prepared to pay good salaries to its young designers who have "good ideas and ^ a good long-term risk " Mr. elec s/roel, alloy wheels, radial stereo, etc; Delivery mileage. Astral silveriblue wt Aur, air ceodn elec Uroet, allov wheels, cruise eenkrol, radio] stereo. Grandmaster Tony Mites, the favourite, justified his seeding with the decisive game below.

By last night, however, the plan had run into stiff resis- tance from union leaders repre- senting the dismissed Times emnloyees. 1979 OVERSEAS NEWS ) \-a S\ Tiimoiit In Rhodesia poll Problems ahead for embattled Ecevit readies^ goyemment target es e siss^s Esi S? -The pdlla ^ose this evening after 60 horns of -volms spread ovw five ^fays. rate has -^ackehed progrcss Kcly after a hectic ftist day in which 25- per cent of . 'On the second day about IS per; Mat- vot^ and on' day t&r^' fb'e'^teric U again to 10 per cent Polling was reported to have slowed again yesterdayibut by Uie time the polls close finally tonight an estimated ^ per cent of the electorate will havc.votcd. Bernard Mc Curtiicll and their families ilcw out of dan Smuts airport in Johannes- burg on a non-scheduled flight. Association of International Bond Dealers Quotations and Yields appears monthly In the Financial Times. " These students are not fully- fledged designers, but they have good ideas and, speaking in commercial terms, are a good long-term risk. The scrapping andi.:xe instatement of successive .prices and incomes policies in point and we face a rimflai problem of ideology in the of the National Ent Ciiaise Board," he said. Ctmfrai'isioo officials pointed OUT that their links with The Hague and .

The Times, The Sunday Tiroes and the three supple- ments have been closed for four and a-half months because the management has been unable to reach agreement with some unions about Introducing -new technology and reforming woriung practices. t Cflr- • ■■; ;._ 'VS 'isst'.«wa* ^ ' *■»»' - ^.j- . ® BY TONY HAWKINS IM SAUSBURY AFTER-THREE ditys -of voting in Rbodesie’s majority rule eieetions»n&e transitional- Gov- ermnent had reached its major objective o£ a. per cent voter turnout Oi Seial fisnres xclea^ -yesterday show that when the polls closed for the day OB Thursday 2.5o] people had cast, their vote Sr-51.3 per cent of the Si Mm electorate, of whom ! Thi.s Ls significantly liigb^ than seemed probable only a month ago. Officials were unable to say when the two officers would arrive in the U. It will be published in an eight-page format on the following dates in the remainder of 1979: May 14 September 10 June 12 October 15 July 9 November 12 August 13 December 10 There is a limited amount of advertising space available each month; if your company is interested'in taking advantage of this offer please contact: The Financial Advertis^eni Department on 01-248 8000 Ext 424 or 7008 r .y - y UK NEWS Concorde reaches the end of its £ 792 ni runway BY LYNTON Mc Ui N . "Don't be mean about the money that is paid for design. They will be worth it.” In the same vein, he ui^ed design students to consider seriously a career in industry rather than in teaching or research. ~ In a warning dir Mted'^ jhe Conservatives howe^r, hei:s^ the NEB was doing- while job on Merseyside.-aiiid'its functions should not be li^l^ reduced or replaced. a record' losa^ of 14,300 jobs in the area Isiti year, it was not unnallstlc-'that the worst problems -were now over. Jiad remained at about ll per-eeat for the past two years, refieciing new jobs created. • htost rdundancies had beta In companies affected by ctanges in market demand ; Uuid^teeh- nolo^. qeed to ensure, however,, thrt unit costs oh Mtrseyade:'. Sea wall starts PLANS TO expand the update capacity at Doncasters Monk Bridges Leeds 'plant to mbet growing demand ftoni- the ' aero- engine and .-iddustriall tii Thme' •Indus^ 'have hata sabthitted by fbe company to its. Amsterdam would allow the annual Anglo-Dutch raatcdi to be played without the players having to cross the North Sea. for a weekend event at international time limits are different from a rapid touma- menf (players bad 15 minutes for all their xnnves) completed in a single evening.

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