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The same AMA study showed that 15% of the companies surveyed had faced a lawsuit triggered by employee email.

Emails sent or received through a company email account are generally not considered private.

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Employers are free to monitor these communications, as long as there's a valid business purpose for doing so.

Many companies reinforce this right by giving employees written notice (for example, in an employee handbook) that their work email isn't private and that the company is monitoring these messages.

Don't send any messages that others might interpret as bigoted or unkind; even if your intent was humorous or lighthearted, it won't look that way to others.

The golden rule of manners applies to email as well: Do not send any message that you would be uncomfortable having your mother—or, in this case, a coworker or your employer—read.

Part of it is a desire to avoid legal liability: Email creates an electronic document, which employers may have to hand over if they're sued.

And legality aside, many employers monitor employee email.

This article explains the rules, the reality, and how to stay out of trouble.

For example, you might have a stronger expectation of privacy if your employer has assured you that company emails are private, if your employer’s system allows messages to be designated "confidential," or if you are allowed to create a private password known only to you.

No matter what, employers can’t monitor employee emails for illegal reasons.

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