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Everyone has a different way of bringing out the X-factor and thus I feel I’m unique in that sense ( ).

You’re an established actress in Korea and have achieved a lot in your work. Well, as I move up my career, one year after another, there’s something I can give out as an actor, as I live a particular age.

Ha Ji Won represents international medical NGO Operation Smile, for which she is the first Asian woman ambassador. And she looks so, too, in The Time We Were Not In Love, the Korean version of the award-winning Taiwanese drama In Time With You that starred Ariel Lin and Chen Bolin.

Seasoned actress Ha Ji Won plays Oh Ha Na, a 34-year-old career woman who's best friends with same-age Choi Won played by Lee Jin Wook.

And if any director approached me, I’d be more than willing [to say yes] as it’d definitely expose me to more things, so I’d definitely be willing to do it.

Are there any other female actresses that have the same acting style as you? The way everyone conceptualises things is different.

My co-star in the movie, Ha Jung Woo, also likes to make me laugh. You’ve partnered a fair bit of younger actors in your shows.That’s the Ha Ji Won we’ve all grown to know from her masculine-type roles on TV and movies that she’s so popularly known for in recent years, as seen in – just to name a few.But beneath that steely stare and masculine image she masquerades herself in, Ji Won is evidently characterised by these two words in real life: giggly and girlish.I’m a person that’s full of laughter and I like being around people who can make me laugh.On the set of Empress Ki – I have two co-stars who like to take turns to challenge each other to see who can make me laugh more.

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