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That's why I didn't do any of that My main interest was to see how important good pictures are, so if I actually had a good bio, did good messages, I would wonder : is the account successful because of its pictures, or because of its bio?

This way I only have one variable to check, it's easier to make sense out of Next you should make one with the ugliest woman imaginable and the worst profile/conversation imaginable ( Not as if plenty of guys haven't already ) and watch as it still surpasses HM in everything.

Apart from the Average Girl profile, you should also do an Average Guy profile with the same ruleset - low effort openers, no replies, etc. Not really going for data analysis or anything, but just to see how much more matches a hot dude gets really. So it's kinda fun to play fantasy and be a hot dude on tinder.

Rather than using your own profile which has different rules. I made a tinder account using pictures of Finn Balor, a professional wrestler and a fit conventionally attractive good looking dude. And just for clarity, I've never tried to catfish any of these girls or lead them on or anything like that on this account, it's just for fun to see what it's like.

Grey/blue eyes and long golden blond straight hair (No hair extensions, wigs, etc), Just strong, healthy hair, all that coupled with a top-notch service :) x Guys is being 100% passable and feminine an important factor to you when choosing a Transfemale escort? fake or retouched pictures or rarely when the girl looks nice in real life she is just boring and not enjoyable personally and between walls?

are you tired of seeing girls who look like models in their photos but when you get there, open the door the girl looks nothing like her photos? tired of speaking with TS Agencies secretaries instead of hearing the voice of the escort you want to see? I'm 19 years old pre-op trans from Brazil, down to earth, well educated and with a chilled personality, I will make you feel comfortable in my company. NO NARCISSISTIC, DEMANDING, BITTER AND NASTY Men please.

You will not regret when you see me in person and I will keep you coming back for more! ONLY SWEET, CHIVALROUS, CLEAN AND KIND MEN MAY APPLY.

Additionally, while many here determine success by a match or a response, to me, I think the most valuable determinant of success is an actual meet up.

While this is of course quite difficult and unethical to implement in your experiment, a surrogate measure would be agreement to meet up.

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