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This info was compiled mainly via Web searches and deep dives into public databases.

It serves as a specific manifestation of a broader idea– that the City of Chicago contains a mountain of info about the space around us, it’s just unevenly distributed.

We think that SMEs — and the human beings behind them: CEOs, CFOs, accountants, etc.

— are the ones who suffer most from the banking system’s current frameworks.

We are starting a journey to build a new kind of European bank.

We are determined to set the new standard and to become the best partner SMEs will ever work with.

At some point you will begin to understand the puzzle, and I can bet that you will always come across a broken piece that you could fix.

A New Store in an Old Building I’ve watched the work at the new Walgreens at 1601 N.

Regardless of the complexity involved behind the scenes, clients are seeking ever-improving quality in their personal and professional dealings.

Industries need to adapt constantly, often by throwing away their old frameworks and creating new ones.

The multiple economic crises since the 80’s and the introduction of new, affordable technologies have had innumerable effects.

Old banks complain of “over-regulation,” while their clients clamour for an efficient, open relationship with their banker in real time. It’s all about managing, understanding and mitigating risk: supporting those clients with limited risk and saying “no” to all the risky projects (inevitably the majority).

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