Iphone dst not updating

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Visit Stack Exchange Recently the UK changed from winter time to summer time, I have noticed that the timing of some of my calendar appointments (Google Calendar via Google Sync) have also been shifted forwards by an hour, whereas some have not changed.It could well be that the split is down to events created on the i Phone and those created on the Google Calendar web interface.

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Anyways I googled it and came across an article about this problem and it said to toggle airplane mode and it would fix this problem.So I've worked around it short-term, but I travel a lot and I would like it to automatically adjust for me.Is this an AT&T problem that I should report to them instead of Apple?When Time Zone Support is off, Calendar displays events in the time zone of your current location.Time zones are a bit tricky with phones and the settings are not obvious since they are spread in several places.

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