Javascript function for validating radio buttons

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In the following section we will take a closer look at how to perform Java Script form validation and handle any input errors found appropriately and gracefully.Note: Client-side validation is not a substitute or alternative for server-side validation.You should always validate form data on the server-side even if they are already validated on the client-side, because user can disable Java Script in their browser.which is performed to ensure that the type and format of the data entered in the form is valid.

Finally, create the file named "style.css" and place the following code in it, then save it also at the same location where you've saved the previous two files. That's all, now open the "application-form.html" file in a web browser and try to fill some data and see how the script respond when an invalid data is entered in a form field.Don’t worry, here we will show you how to check if one radio button in each group is checked using j Query.In the example script, there are three questions and each question has two radio buttons to select an option.Tip: However, you can validate email format using regular expression.But a user might enter an email that is correctly formatted but does not exist.

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