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Of course, the fact he’s a real-life human being, breathing on this Earth somewhere, creates a whole new dimension to my approach because you feel a greater sense of responsibility.But not that much greater because [for] any character you feel a sense of responsibility as if they were a real person.” Initially, Fincher had met with Garfield under the auspices of him playing Zuckerberg, having been turned on to the actor by Fincher’s good friend Mark Romanek, who recently directed Garfield in the current film “Never Let Me Go.” “I met with him and thought, ‘He’s great, he’s obviously a very skilled actor and kind of an amazing presence,’” recalls Fincher, speaking on the phone from Sweden at the end of his first day of filming “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.” But the director didn’t like him for the part.“He has such incredible emotional access to his kind of core humanity that I was like, ‘Why would we waste an actor like this on the part of the guy [who seems like he has] Asperger’s?I’m trying to cast somebody who doesn’t have this access.’ And that’s Andrew’s greatest strength, that’s his real musculature,” Fincher says. Or do you value the people who helped you get there?He created a character on a level that was like when you first saw Pacino or something, it was that impressive.” And come December, Garfield will make a 180-degree career turn away from adult dramas when he dons Spider-Man’s red and blue spandex suit and replaces Tobey Maguire in Marc Webb’s 3-D reboot of the Marvel Comics web-slinger.Despite his spate of serious roles, Garfield says he couldn’t be more excited about playing the legendary comic book superhero.“It didn’t feel imperative because Aaron Sorkin wrote this incredibly detailed and idiosyncratic script in which he managed to flesh out a bunch of real people in all of their facets, so it was all there on the page.

Fannish interest in the actors starring in the 2010 movie The Social Network began during the pre-release press run, when Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield (who play Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin, respectively) devoted much of their interview time to expressions of affection and admiration for one another. The main characters of TSN RPF are Andrew Garfield and Jesse Eisenberg.

Though “The Social Network” deals specifically with the birth of Facebook, Garfield says that story acts as a catalyst for broader drama. It’s really interesting.” The Fincher movie will join “Never Let Me Go,” which opened just over a week ago in theaters.

“The themes are universal: friendship, betrayal, power, greed, filial obligation, differing value systems, success, money. It’s Greek,” says the actor, whose previous works include last year’s well received “Red Riding Trilogy” and the 2007 British film " Boy A,” in which he played a recently released child murderer. The actor’s emotional supporting turn opposite Carey Mulligan and Keira Knightley in that haunting film has drawn numerous plaudits, with some buzz of award nominations for the picture and its young stars.

“He’s Mark’s only true friend and big brother,” Garfield says of Saverin in a phone interview.

“There’s definitely a Cain and Abel relationship.” In preparation for the film, based on the Ben Mezrich book “The Accidental Billionaires,” Garfield wasn’t able to meet his real-life counterpart.

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