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Then, in 2017, French Shroud researcher Tristan Casabianca used the Freedom of Information Act in the United Kingdom that compelled the British Museum to finally release the long awaited data.The British Museum had acted as the formal supervisor of the three laboratories (Oxford, Zurich and Arizona) during the process and apparently, maintained the archive of all the data.

Unfortunately, the paper itself is currently behind a pay wall which might make it difficult for many to read it so I am quoting the last few sentences here: "The statistical analyses, supported by the foreign material found by the laboratories, show the necessity of a new radiocarbon dating to compute a new reliable interval. On May 23, 2019, the meeting was successfully held in Catania, news of which generated considerable media attention.- - This is a link to an mp3 audio of just the interview with Emanuela.You can listen to the entire 53 minute long broadcast at the following link: BBC World Update, but you will have to scroll to about 47 minutes into the program to hear Emanuela's interview.We lead off with the publication of an important new paper addressing the radiocarbon dating of 1988, but this time based on the original raw data which took 29 years and legal action to obtain!Next is news of an important new website featuring the 1978 Shroud photographs of Vernon D.

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