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The Listverse deal seems rather straightforward at first: come up with a list of things that are quirky and unique, write at least 1200 words about them, cite your sources, then submit them for review. I thought this sounded like a fun way to make 0 by writing about topics I know and am interested in.

One thing you have to do before writing a list is to make sure they don’t already have a list about the topic you want to write about.

My article was about 1000 words, so I thought it was ready to go.

Only at this point do you learn that lists must be . Above, on the Submission page, it says that the article “should not exceed 1500 words”.

Their submission page says, “We only consider submissions with the highest standard of English and submissions should not exceed 1,500 words.”No problem.

The topic is simply not in keeping with the style of content we publish Regarding 1, I had exactly 10 items on my list.Website: Shoe Money Earning: ,000/month Alexa Rank: 260,000 Daily Unique Visitors: 50,000 Daily Page Views: 80,000 Backlinks: 16,000 Registered In: 2003 About: Skills to pay the bills URL: Click India Earning: ,000/month Alexa Rank: 20,567 Daily Unique Visitors: 130,000 Daily Page Views: 500,000 Backlinks: 30,000 Registered In: 2003 About: Buying and Selling Ads URL: Labnol Earning: ,000/month Alexa Rank: 9754 Daily Unique Visitors: 150,000 Daily Page Views: 300,000 Backlinks: 103,000 Registered In: 2007 About: Technology Blog URL: forums.Earning: ,000/month Alexa Rank: 9,665 Daily Unique Visitors: 3 million Daily Page Views: 26 million Backlinks: 27 million Registered In: 1999 About: Forum on blogging and seo marketing URL: Hongkiat Earning: ,000/month Alexa Rank: 3,954 Daily Unique Visitors: 280,000 Daily Page Views: 500,000 Backlinks: 240,000 Registered In: 2006 About: Design, inspiration and technology URL: Perez Hilton Earning: ,000/month Alexa Rank: 5,454 Daily Unique Visitors: 600,000 Daily Page Views: 1 million Backlinks: 3 million Registered In: 2005 About: Celebrities activity URL: Bussiness Insider Earning: 0,000/month Alexa Rank: 7,545 Daily Unique Visitors: 4 million Daily Page Views: 10 million Backlinks: 8.7 million Registered In: 1998 About: Business news and events URL: e How Earning: 0,000/month Alexa Rank: 3,454 Daily Unique Visitors: 1 million Daily Page Views: 3 million Backlinks: 5 million Registered In: 1999 About: Online how to guide web Website: Listverse Earning: 0,000/month Alexa Rank: 6,669 Daily Unique Visitors: 450,000 Daily Page Views: 1 million Backlinks: 105,000 Registered In: 2007 About: The top 10 list overing almost everything.Listverse is often a recommended website for people who wish to make a little extra cash.They make it sound like it is fun and easy to “Write & Get Paid.”I’m here to urge you not to waste your time.

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