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Since 2015, Natacha has wanted to speak directly to single women in Canada and offer a time-saving solution for finding a date, and now she is seeing that dream come to fruition.

Match Parfait’s online courses and group coaching further build her authority and make her advice accessible to all.

Do you know how you can attract a girl who looks at you you just as a nice friend? A personal dating coach could help you start dating at once.

Have you given up hope because you are a bit too scared to make a move? You should know your potential and be the best you can be.

She’s the CEO and Founder of Absolute Bachelor Club, a boutique matchmaking company for single men in Canada, and she has recently launched a second business to cater exclusively to single women in Montreal.

Match Parfait is Natacha’s latest endeavor to make dating less stressful and more enjoyable for everyone.

Absolute Bachelor Club is a male-centric matchmaking service that has gained traction in the Canadian dating scene due its hands-on approach to arranging dates.

How many times do you see pretty girls but feel a little too nervous each and every time you want to approach them? The coaches make these people better and much more successful.“But then you run into the problem of having to sort through all those people and screen dates so you actually find someone.That’s where singles need help.” Natacha doesn’t want singles to waste time on bad dates, so she maintains a streamlined matchmaking system that has helped single men, and now can help single women, find love.The maleness within you would manifest with the help of your Montreal dating coach.With many girls in Canada, you can have a lot of opportunities.

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