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We’ve also recorded three podcasts so far, featuring some of the finest Fringe artists (in our opinion) listen to: Mika Johnson & Teddy Lamb talking Pink Lemonade & Since U Been Gone, Travis Alabanza on Burgerz, and Emily Aboud & Charlotte Dowding chatting about Splintered – they also all have some great recommendations to offer.

We’ll be back at the end of the festival to give you a more detailed write-up of our very favourite shows from #Ed Fringe2019.

Prefer Not To Say Paradise In The Vault In a series of verbatim monologues, Prefer Not To Say recalls testimonies of real-life people within the LGBTQ community.

Through first-hand accounts you are taken on a journey of liberation, strength and empowerment.

She is also a sex worker, a bartender, German, Polish and more. Kim takes an auto-fictional approach to explore what a woman is allowed to reveal about herself. Created in response to Traumboy, a performance by a male sex worker.

Witch Hunt Pleasance Dome A&E Comedy return following last year’s Enter The Dragons which was one of our Ed Fringe Faves last year.

They have questions about how it’s all going, big questions about the world and small questions about the state of your garden.

But then they started to wonder what else they could be…

Sons & Co: Let’s Get Tough Laughing Horse @ Raging Bull Have you ever felt you’re not tough enough?

Well two problematic fools are here to teach you how to grab life by the knackers.

Life’s No Laughing Matter Summerhall Life is No Laughing Matter’s a performance about mental illness, suicide and radical cure attempts.

It tells the exhausting and hilarious account of living with depression, from the urgency of finding a cure, dissecting the cultural disease, to eating a f*ck ton of bananas.

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