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Comments on the proposed electronic logging device mandate cover the full spectrum of reactions, from outrage and disdain at Big Brother government to applause for a sensible and long-overdue safety rule.Most of the 2,213 comments are from individuals who do not like what the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is planning to do.And as an incentive to promote voluntary use, the agency will no longer require supporting documents related to driving time, such as toll receipts, for carriers that install recorders.Also, carriers that use recorders will get more liberal compliance review procedures.Carriers that violate hours rules 10 percent of the time in two compliance reviews have a crash rate 90 percent higher than the general population.Those that break the 10 percent barrier in just one review have a rate that is 40 percent higher than the general population.Carriers that violate the standard but do not install recorders will not be allowed to operate in interstate commerce.

Meanwhile, the greatest safety benefit comes from mandating recorders for high-risk carriers, the agency said.

Recorders will have to automatically track the truck's location at each change of duty status and while the truck is in motion. Drivers will be able to add information to the record but the device must keep the original information as well as the annotations.

And, the device must provide a digital file for safety enforcement officials to read.

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