Pave dating violence

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The convergence of these teen victims and their moms - several of whom have been featured on CNN, MSNBC, CBS and 48 Hours - will provide tangible tips to help parents understand the complex issue of prevention in schools, bullying, and helping teens heal.

This event is a call to action that will feature the launch of a national campaign SAFE CAMPUS, STRONG VOICES to shatter the silence and prevent sexual violence in high schools.

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Examples of physical violence include pushing, pulling, slapping, pinching, punching, strangulation, throwing things at someone or hitting another person with an object (e.g. Definition: The use of vulgar or insulting words, put downs or curses on another person to hurt them and cause them to feel low and unworthy.

Definition: The use of threats to instil fear in another person and to control them.

Examples of psychological violence are the use of knife or weapons, the threat of suicide or the threat to kill or harm another person.

Take steps to make a difference and stop teen dating violence: Be a role model by treating your kids and others with respect; talk to your kids about healthy relationships before they start dating; and get involved with efforts to prevent dating violence at your teen’s school.

If you are worried about your teen, you can call 802-442-2111.

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