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I will show an example how to add the server to Linked Services, but skip configuring Integration Runtime.

You can read about creating self-hosted IR here:

Datasets, on the other hand, points directly to database objects.

BUT they can be parametrized, so you can just create ONE dataset and use it passing different parameters to get data from multiple tables within same source database 🙂 Source datasets don’t need any parameters.

These issues are going to be Postgres oriented, because that's the database we use.Cols defines selected columns, Watermark Column and Value stores incremental metadata.And finally Enabled just enables particular configuration (table data import).This tutorial doesn’t show how to do it, but it is possible to pass them using “Get metadata” activity to retrieve column specification from the source, then you have to parse it and pass as JSON structure into the mapping dynamic input. Below is a screen from official documentation, that clarifies how this feature works: Read more about JSON expressions at Good question 😉 In my example, I will show you how to transfer data incrementally from Oracle and Postgre SQL tables into Azure SQL can read about mappings in official documentation: My entire solution is based on one cool feature, that is called string interpolation. All of this using configuration stored in a table, which in short, keeps information about Copy activity settings needed to achieve our goal 🙂 I will use Postgre SQL 10 and Oracle 11 XE installed on my Ubuntu 18.04 inside Virtual Box machine.

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