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Read More For this episode I got the chance to pick the brains of a male escort.

Poor guy ended up sharing more intimate details than he initially planned on, but as you know by now, this podcast leaves no stones unturned!

The show tells the stories about relationships often blurring the lines between memoir, documentary, and fiction. Whether you’re looking to DTR or DTF, you’ll have moments of “OMG ...

Tripp Kramer is the man behind the popular Youtube channel Tripp Advice: Dating Advice For Shy Guys, author of Magnetic: Cultivate Confidence, Become Rejection-Proof and Naturally Attract The Women You Desire and host of the How To Talk To Girls podcast. is a weekly call-in advice audio and video podcast.

Thousands of men around the world are now in long-term relationships with the girl of their dreams by using his strategies and step-by-step systems for turning yourself into the type of man that women are naturally attracted to without using ... We’ll cover deeper topics to unleash your inner confidence unleash the best version of you. Fellow work-in-progress, 20-something actress and internet personality Meghan Rienks brings her blunt, truthful, and hilarious wisdom on topics such as sex, mental health, and relationships.

The Mating Grounds Podcast is a collaboration between #1 bestselling author, Tucker Max, and renowned evolutionary psychologist, Professor Geoffrey Miller, to teach men how to be successful with women, dating and relationships. The advice may be questionable, but always well meaning.

By sharing his techniques based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming, he has helped many of our students overcome their limiting beliefs and negative thought processes which held them back from actioning better choices, and stopped them from generating strong results with women. Read More Strippers In this episode, myself and two instructors from my team, Daniel and Ali, discuss strippers.

Some guys say they have zero interest in learning about how to attract lap dancers, however, mastering the art of ‘strip game’ as we like to call it, can produce huge benefits in many other areas of a man’s…

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His company, The Art of Charm, is a leading training facility for top performers that want to overcome social anxiety, develop social capital and build relationships of the highest quality.Now that you’ve met and garnered some interest from the opposite sex, AJ, Johnny, and Justin of The Art of Charm crew go through some tried and tested ideas and tips to help you out on those all-important first dates.This episode keeps it simple so you can enjoy your date rather than sweating it out.Should you ditch the apps and meet people in the wild?How do you get over a breakup when you feel like you're gonna die?

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