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I'm pretty disappointed that such a core part of the gameplay relies on premium currency; for me, the freemium model only works really well when you dangle accelerated progress or vanity items through microtransactions, not by making spending money a requirement to play the game.

At that point, I might as well just pay for another game up-front and skip the jerking around.

Every plane has at least three different color categories that you can tweak to suit your preference, plus you can name each individual plane.

The options extend far beyond the superficial, however.

On the other hand, Pocket Planes has an awesome social feature called Flight Crews, where you can team up with your buddies to collectively climb leaderboards for events, as well as compete among yourselves.

You and your friends can win Bux prizes for hitting certain ranks internationally.

Meticulous logs keep track of how much time your planes have spent in the air and how profitable they are.

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Over the course of business, you have to buy new planes, expand to new cities, and transport both cargo and passengers to their destinations.Be sure to plan ahead, since you can't change routes once you're in the air.You can upgrade airports to expand their flight and passenger capacity, though that tends to be pretty expensive.After loading up you pick your route simply by tapping each city on the world map in the order you want it to fly in, provided you've paid the one-time fee for a spot at each airport.(One particular oddity of the map view: you use plus and minus buttons to zoom in and out, not a pinch gesture.) Once you lock in your flight path, you'll have cash deducted for fuel, and eventually get paid your fare when the plane lands.

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