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Bachelor in Paradise is back with a new season, so Dean brings Wells onto the show for a full preview of what goes down this year in Mexico.

Wells tells us that something happens on this season that’s never happened before in Paradise history.

Learn more about your ad-choices at Read more Jared went to Chris and Krystal’s wedding down in Mexico, and is ready to spill all the details! Learn more about your ad-choices at Read more Vanessa heard what Alex Bordyukov said about her on last week’s show, so we get him back on to clear the air about their “relationship”.

The cast of the new season of Bachelor in Paradise is out and we hear Dean, Vanessa and Jared’s initial thoughts on who’s hooking up with who. Then we talk to Vanessa’s friend Taylor Nolan about how to keep things spicy in a long distance relationship and it gets spicy!

He lets us in on his conversations with Kristina and what their relationship is like this time around.

And we hear all about Dean’s wedding weekend with Ashley and Jared… Plus we break down Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s split L...

Annaliese Puccini has lost at love now THREE TIMES on Bachelor shows..she stops by to see Vanessa and Dean LIVE at the SF GIANTS GAME to reveal how things have changed! But first she tells us everything that went down with Chris Bukowski on Paradise.

Dean opens up about some of the Bachelor moments he was too embarrassed to watch on TV. Vanessa did some soul searching and made a list of the Top 5 lessons she’s learned about love since her last relationship and she’s ready to share all her tips!And we get his take on who will be the next Bachelor! Is it cheating to “Like” an Instagram picture of the opposite sex when you’re in a relationship? Plus we talk to Ernestine Sclafani, wife of sports commentator Skip Bayless, abou...Dean has made his appearance on Bachelor in Paradise and he’s here with Vanessa to fill us in on everything you DIDN’T see.For more podcasts from i Heart Radio, visit the i Heart Radio app, Apple Podcas...We are the most personal and uncomfortable dating questions today. Dean lets us in on what he expects when he goes full #Van Life. Dean, Jared & Vanessa keep finding ways to improve at dating, but maybe the best choice is no relationship at all.

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