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"Most of the information people get about Islam and Muslims comes from the media, and what has been happening over the last few years especially is this tendency to lump together the issues of terrorism, the refugee crisis, and Islam," he said."You always had politicians who had strong opinions against Islam, but the refugee crisis helped jack the cause and helped the Law and Justice party come to power." Poland's largest party came to power in 2015 on a platform of restoring Polish pride and keeping refugees out of the country.When traveling in Russia, Belarus, the Ukraine or any Eastern European country, one has to agree that women in these countries are generally beautiful, feminine and quite attractive – not to say stunning! I am easy-going and sociable, fresh and surprising, energetic and passionate, determined and enthusiastic, realistic and reliable. I am ready to start a new page in my life with a reliable and loyal partner. I am sociable and enjoy people with a good sense of humor. I try to treat others the way I would like to be trea...It’s possible to say that I have everything in my life, good family, my lovely son, good job, strong health but it’s not en... My friends say that I am charming with a natural elegance. With the help of our trusted marriage agencies located in Eastern Europe, we can help men from all over the world to get in touch with single Eastern European women who are looking for a good and decent man to develop a relationship leading to marriage.Pedziwiatr explained that the rise of Islamophobia in political life had been in tandem with increasingly unfavourable coverage of Muslims in the media, especially state media outlets."Whenever the issue of Islam and Muslims is there, it's always (represented) in a super negative way," he said.However, the average citizen believes the number is much higher."Poles hugely overestimate the size of the Muslim community, the average that people think is seven percent, which is ridiculous because it means over two and a half million people," Pedziwiatr said, explaining that such perceptions were of "the Polish fear of Islam and Muslims".

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many Poles who are now worried about a Muslim invasion are completely unaware of [this history]." For Anna Lachowska, while the rise of Islamophobia in her native land is worrying, it is important to put the trend into perspective.

It was there that she underwent a spiritual transformation, leaving the Christianity of her upbringing behind for a faith few in her native land knew much about.

"Islam showed me God like I had always felt I seen," she told Al Jazeera, describing how the decision prompted a reaction of disappointment from her mother.

Muslims in Poland have practised their religion freely for hundreds of years without any issues ...

many Poles who are now worried about a Muslim invasion are completely unaware of [this history].

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