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Monday morning The Claims Conference opens a website where survivors can make an appointment to go to a Help Centre.

The first Claim Help Centre opens in Paris on Tuesday morning.

The Euro figure is the equivalent of 5,000 Deutschmarks, a sum the Claims Conference negotiated with the German government in 1980. The youngest Algerian survivors, born in 1942, would today be 76 years old.

Most, however, are in their 80s and 90s, Schneider said.

All these decades it’s never been acknowledged,” said Schneider in an interview from Paris, where he was getting the Help Centre set up.Located across the street from the American embassy just a block from the Seine in the 8th Arrondissement, it will have a staff of 24 to assist the Paris area’s 12,000 Algerian survivors in assembling the documentation they need in order to establish that they lived there between 19.Satellite centres to serve another 8,000 Jews will soon open in Marseille, Lyon and other French cities in the next few weeks.Anti-Semitism had been a strong force in Algeria since the late 19th century.It was far worse even than in France during the Dreyfus Affair, said Saadoun. They “were part of all the political life, the artistic life, in music, they were very involved in French and in Muslim society,” said Saadoun, a professor at Israel’s Open University and director of The Documentation Centre of North African Jewry During WWII (

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