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I like him - my self esteem is still a bit battered and I didn't think he was really interested and was just saying drop by to be nice Thank you Wiseman2, yes that's what I keep reminding myself of, I can be a fantasist but we are not in a dating relationship by any means, appreciate your advice, LD PS LOL I meant a date to meet up, not an actual date!

I agree with what others have said, your email was fine and casual - just like the entire exchange.

He tried to justify it that she was in another country and they only saw each other every couple of months and he was tired of long distance.

We still continued to stay in touch, and I tried to pretend everything was ok since he made it sound like he was going to break up, but when I came back to Oslo he wouldn't see me and acted so differently.

Glad to hear you don't think I've done anything to scare him away! It would be best to keep it on the terms he suggested which are two former coworkers casually catching up. It's fine to contact him and ask when he would like to catch up.

It would still be good to catch up with you " So in a day I suggest another time I happened to be in his area and then, I didn't realise he didn't work that day - he emails again promptly and says " sorry I'm not about on Tuesdays.We finally went all the way, something we'd been talking about for so long.It was fun at first but then as soon as he actually did it, he stopped & Icould tell he immediately regret it.He has not suggested "Great, let's go to dinner next time you are in town".His response is more on the lines of maybe you would happen to stop by the office, etc.

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